Congrats on the new addition to your family!

I am so excited to capture this special and fleeting moment in your lives. Once we have a date booked, here is what you can expect of a typical in-home newborn session:

Preparing for your session:

My style of photography is using natural light, in unposed/natural positions basically capturing you in your most comfortable environment. I will be looking for couches/seating/beds near windows and open areas that get a good natural light. DO NOT feel like you need to clean your whole house for your session; you have enough to do with a newborn in the house! Walk around and decide one or two spots you think have good light and try to clear those spaces but also don't worry, I will move/clear areas as needed too.

Pick two or three outfits/looks for your baby. I typically shoot some crib/bed shots with close up details, one of the baby on a couch/in a basket and some with mom and dad as well. Plain white or neutral onesies, tutus and headbands, matching hats and wraps, are all good choices and I am a HUGE fan of the naked baby/plain diaper shots too! For you and your partner, I usually suggest something neutral and comfortable like jeans and white/black shirts or a comfy dress but whatever makes you feel good!

I love to incorporate sentimental objects into a session. If you have socks or a blanket that a family member hand made or if you or your partner have a profession you are proud of that you want to incorporate a uniform or symbol of that; let's use it! Make sure to collect those items when getting outfits ready for the baby.

Try to schedule your session right after a feeding so the baby is happy and sleepy. I make sure we have plenty of time for feedings/changing during the session so we can relax and take our time with your photos.

Time for your session!

When I arrive, I will walk around your space and decide the best area to take photos. Depending on how sleepy baby is, I try to start with family photos first (that frees up dad/siblings later when doing the solo shots of the baby.) Please be honest and speak up if you prefer to take pictures somewhere other than where I am suggesting. We will do two or three different spots/outfits and take breaks as needed. I will probably tell you a whole bunch of stories about my kids or other unnecessary information since I talk a lot while I am shooting and I will be looking to capture you in comfortable and natural poses that show the connections you have with each other and your new baby.

After the session, I typically will have a sneak peek in a few days and then your full gallery will be delivered within two weeks from your session! If you can, I always appreciate your honest feedback and would love to post a review of your experience on my site/socials.

So that's what you have to expect during a session with me...Please reach out with any questions!